What readers have said about Trish’s book RECREATING YOUR LIFE


“..this book helped me address some major issues in my life, my thanks to the author …” Joe D.

“RYL almost read itself, allowing me to jot down and play with ideas that Trish presented to me . The whole process helped bring my life, and my Self, into perspective. I can say it was fundamental to putting the right balance into many of my life’s decisions that I was yet unable to settle on. What resulted was a more harmonious and positive way for me to move forward in where had previously been a confusing cul-de-sac…” Sean W.

“..everyone should have a copy of this beautifully thought out little gem and every so often pick it up and re-read – so beneficial and worthwhile..” Bev B.

“ her book Recreating Your Life , Trish Wegener covers the subject in a concise, easy to read and thought provoking manner, well done…” Brian T.

“..fills in the gaps other books of this genre leave out….motivated me to start ‘recreating’ those aspects of my life that were making me unhappy…” Lyn W.

“..I found after reading RYL that I am more conscious of and more able to control negative self talk and to have more intentionally positive, calm thoughts. A very helpful book…” Lourelle M.


What readers are saying about The Irishmen……


..”Here is a remarkable true story which follows the lives of two Irishmen, unknown to each other in the land of their birth, whose adventures and misadventures eventually brought them to Australia.  Once there through their respective travels across several States whilst their lives became intermingled with those of significant others through strange and sometimes fortuitous circumstances, their families eventually linked up in the Lockyer Valley in Queensland.  For anyone of their descendants, this book will put fascinating flesh and blood to the bones of their ancestors!  For myself, a lot of mysteries in my family history were solved through reading this book.  For anyone interested in historical stories of the days of colonisation in Australia, this well-written and documented book will provide an interesting and entertaining glimpse into the lives of some of our early settlers”….Merle B.

…”The Irishmen is a wonderfully rich history of two families and how they came to be.  Painstakingly researched and accurately recorded, the reader will immediately be transported back to Ireland and experience the hardships, the strengths, the sadness and the joys, as these extremely unlikely families are eventually united.  With each chapter the reader will rejoice at each and every triumph and through tears will feel and sympathise with their losses.  We are more than proud of these men & the women and children who stood by them”…..Bev B.

…”Just finished reading your wonderful book…..what a fabulous story”…..Robert T
..”.I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful book, The Irishmen.  I loved the way you told the amazing story of our ancestors’ lives.  The wealth of information and research you have put into the book really brings their story to life.  I would highly recommend this book to everyone”….Jeanette E.

…”Trish you have done a fantastic job with the book.  I love what you have achieved and will treasure the book forever”…….Lyn C.

…”I found The Irishmen to be a moving and engaging story with the intertwining of life through hardship, love and joy.   The historical representation from both sides of the world is informative and my congratulations on a story well told and plaudits for your painstaking research – it must have taken you on many circuitous paths.  I have so enjoyed the history lesson as well as the story of these remarkable characters”……Beryl T.

…”Loved the book, learnt so much about our family”…..Sharon F.

“…..I want to thank you for writing this book – it has filled a hole I had in my life and I found it very moving indeed.  I never knew anything about my Toomey relations, especially my Grandparents.  John and Jessie must have been very special people and now I feel they are part of my life along with all of the Toomey and Andrews family in your wonderful story.  Your book is now one of my treasured possessions”……..Brian T.