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Trish Wegener Author of the widely acclaimed Recreating Your Life – a self-help book on personal development and self-actualisation – as well as Motivational Speaker/Consultant, utilising individual motivators to create behavioural change. 

Author / Motivational Speaker


Writer of several children’s books, including a series featuring a bubbly and inquisitive character called Mollie Moyle. Her latest publication titled The Irishmen follows the life and times of two very different men born in the early 1800’s in Ireland.  Spanning over 200 years it follows in their footsteps and explores the chances they took, the choices they made and the circumstances that changed their lives.

Trish has spent the majority of her life working in both the private and public sectors of business.  During her years of training and teaching students in various training organisations and tertiary institutions, Trish gained a passion for the knowledge and understanding of how people function at all levels of existence. Her studies include human resource management, social psychology, human behaviour, business management, training and development, neuro-linguistic programming and various natural therapies.

Trish believes it is the experiences we have throughout our life that give us the opportunity to change and to heal ourselves;  and so continues to research ways to help us all on our journey towards happiness, fulfilment and self-actualisation.  Her interest in writing of her own personal  life experiences and the telling of stories to stir the  imagination of children came after her retirement from the conventional ‘world of work’.  The story of her ancestors’ history as depicted in The Irishmen has proved to be one of the most satisfying achievements of her life thus far.

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RYL almost read itself, allowing me to jot down and play with ideas that Trish presented to me . The whole process helped bring my life, and my Self, into perspective. I can say it was fundamental to putting the right balance into many of my life’s decisions that I was yet unable to settle on. What resulted was a more harmonious and positive way for me to move forward in where had previously been a confusing cul-de-sac